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Virtual Summer Camps for Migrant Education Program
An Interstate Collaboration

CAMP CONNECT for High School Students | July 20-23, 2020
BRAIN STEM for Middle School Students | August 3-7, 2020

Academic collaboration is a valuable asset when learning new teaching tools and implementing new trends towards learning. During these unforeseen times, governance has relied on intergovernmental and interstate collaborations when providing public services.

This year, Pennsylvania, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa and Nebraska in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Department of Education will be offering Virtual Summer Camps for middle school and high school migrant students.

The Virtual Summer Camps will offer migrant youth:

  • Life-affirming experiences that change the way they perceive themselves, their education, and connection with those around them.
  • The opportunity to research, lead and conduct STEAM experiments.
  • Increase their interest in STEAM careers.
  • Receive tailored guidance and assistance when implementing scientific and engineering ideas to design, evaluate and refine the completion of a final project.
  • Apply the concept that engineering design is influenced by personal characteristics, such as creativity, resourcefulness and the ability to visualize and think abstractly.
  • Analyze teamwork and leadership skills and their application in various family and work situations.